wagga wagga

Wagga Wagga aka Wagga is a city of around 60,000 people in Southern NSW. I lived there for over three years, from the end of 1991 to the beginning of 1995. I have many fond memories of my time there.

Back to the 90s

A tip on Australian male etiquette. When you’re standing at a urinal you should only ever look forward, otherwise, you might see things you might not want to see. (Or maybe you will!!)… Read the rest

How old are you?

“Do you mind if we ask how old you are?” was a question we asked two people today. Not normally a “polite” question to ask, but it seemed relevant, and we didn’t think the people we asked would be offended.… Read the rest

Wagga Wagga

“Do you have any cash?” the woman behind the counter asked when I asked if I could pay with my card. Living in Sydney, I’ve gotten used to paying for EVERYTHING with a card, from public transport to newspapers. … Read the rest

A Wagga boys story

I spent an hour or so this evening at the State Library of NSW. There were a few old newspaper articles I was interested in, as part of a story I’m writing for this blog.… Read the rest

Wagga Wagga : Then and Now

“Do you think I could live in Wagga?”, a friend asked me via text a few months ago. Enthusiastically, I told her yes. I have many fond memories of my time living in Wagga in the early 1990s.… Read the rest