Goodbye Porpoise Spit

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting at home washing clothes, listening to music, and surfing the net, on the eve of leaving Sydney for Perth. Quite a bit has happened in the last fortnight since last I wrote, so I’ll just be recounting the best bits.

1/…For his birthday, Damien and I went to Bistro Moncur, described by Mietta’s as one of Sydney’s best restaurants. Bistro Moncur defies change – so does our review: for the past seven years this has set bistro style in Sydney. The menu features the classics of French bistro cuisine in a smart but no nonsense atmosphere. No bookings policy remains and tables keep turning over. The service is pleasant, efficient and the wine list has some excellent choices. Some memorable dishes with perfect flavours and consistently good regular favourites, such as the Sirloin Cafe de Paris $33, Bistro Moncur pork sausages and mash potato $24.70, French onion souffle $16.50. Can be noisy – highly recommended. We had a fabulous time. A truly memorable night.

2/…I had a small drinks farewell at work last night. It was a really nice affair and I even managed to get a little teary.

3/…Also last night, Colin, Grant and I went to Muf-tee Cabaret at the Stables Theatre. It was a real pleasure to have one last Muf-tee experience before leaving for Perth. As Tim Draxl was one of the guests, I invited Grant to join us. He seemed to enjoy the experience very much. The only unfortunate part was the performance by Voice Squad. They weren’t any good a few months ago, and they aren’t any good now. Even the band’s one redeeming quality – the cute male singer – seems to have lost his looks. Hayden on the other hand was very good and I was impressed with Tim Draxl’s performance. Hayden could learn a thing or two from Tim in terms of song interpretation.

Earlier today I said goodbye to Nickson Street. Tomorrow will be reasonably busy, just making sure everything is okay for leaving. Yvette is picking me up and taking me to the airport, so there is the potential for messy crying in a public place. I have mixed feelings about moving. On the one hand, there’s fear of the unknown, but on the other there’s the possibility of another great adventure. At the moment, I’m feeling more of the latter, but some of the former. I’m sure it will all be fine.

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