Cafe de Flore

I found this CD earlier today in the “Chill Out” section of my local CD shop and have been listening to it on repeat ever since. I love it…

The premise for the CD is that it’s the style of music which encompasses the mood of the Cafe de Flore which, publicity material declares is Chic and authentic, dandy and Bohemian, bourgeois and original, supremely classical and terribly modern – Cafe de Flore has been the No.1 institution on the Boulevard Saint-Germain-des-Pres for 100 years.

The reason I like this CD so much is that the range it emcompasses: from 50s and 60s classics which sound “very French” – such as Brigitte Bardot seducing me with “Les Hommes Endormis” to the more modern “Cafe del Mar” style of tracks such as “I Feel Blue” by Lakasha.

Of the earlier numbers, there’s the slightly predictable sounding, but still gorgeous tracks – “Je Cherche Un Homme” – from the likes of Eartha Kitt, but my particular favourite of all these is the jazz track “Quand On S’aime” which features Nana Mouskouri and Michel Legrand. Yes, Nana Mouskouri sings jazz, well kinda.

Of the more modern performers, the range includes traditional gorgeous French-style ballads such as “Ou Es-Tu Passe” by Nicoletta to Diana Krall performing a truly breathy version of “Besame Mucho”.

My particular favourite right now is is “Black Trombone” by Serge Gainsbourg. The combination of simple trumpet, double bass, and a deep sexy voice declaring a love of “trom-boners” has me totally seduced.

There’s also a range of world music influences, particularly from north Africa and Spain. Another track “Les Amants” by Nery sounds like it could have been the theme from a porn film. A tasteful one from the 60’s of course.

Yes, that’s it… it’s a sex album! Err.. I mean a SEXY album! Who would have time for coffee and conversation when it’s the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon of “making lerv”?

That.. or sitting at home with a gin and tonic feeling sorry for yourself!

Publisher Universal – Catalogue Number 583 493-2

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