Food is Good

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve just had some lunch: a small salad of tomato, cucumber and cheese. Very yummy. Actually, when I think back about the last week, food is a strong theme. As is the theme of “work/life balance”.

Having worked pretty hard for the last month or so, this week I tried to get my life into balance. The revelation came for me on Tuesday night. I’d just spent a couple of hours with a work colleague, Melissa, helping her buy a new mobile phone and camera for her trip overseas which was great fun. And then I wandered up to Taylor Square for a quick beer by myself before heading home. And then I realised all of the time I was sitting there all I was doing was thinking about work-related matters.

So, I asked for a day off, and spent Wednesday trying not to think about work and I was reasonably successful. On only two occasions did work briefly enter my consciousness, and on both times I “wished it away”. After a mid morning coffee, Colin and I went out for lunch at Fuel Bistro in the Clock Hotel complex on Crown Street.

I’ve been to Fuel Bistro on many occasions in the last few years. I remember vividly when the Clock Hotel complex opened, Fuel was a great place to go with a terrific menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And then for a while, when it concentrated on pasta, I was really disappointed with the place and didn’t visit it for a long time.

However, this week, I decided to take a day off work and went there for lunch with my friend Colin and was very pleasantly surprised.

For the main course, I had the Scallop tortellini, verjuice sauce, salmon roe, crisp leek and herbs while Colin had the Seared salmon, slow cooked kipfler potatoes, baby beans and basil sauce. Both meals were excellent.

In a phrase, Fuel is hot again.

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