Saturday Night

It’s Saturday night and I’ve just watched “Laverne & Shirley” and have enjoyed a plate of antipasto. Yes, that’s what my Saturday night has come to now that “The Bill” is no longer screening on ABC-TV. My Saturday nights used to have meaning. I’d watch “The Bill”, “Parkinson” and then “Six Feet Under”. I didn’t have to worry about making plans, organising social events etc. But now, clearly I do…

It’s been a reasonably social week though, having gone out with Sue on Wednesday night and then having had a beer or three with Adrian and Shanthini last night.

On Wednesday night, Sue and I went to Sydney Art 05, formerly known as the Affordable Art Show. The reason for the name change was the perception that it was a bit downmarket. Oddly enough, I thought the quality and variety of the work in this year’s show was not as good as previously. One of the highlights, however, was seeing a work that’s owned by the art group to which I belong (see photograph), Hawkesbury One had appreciated significantly in price. Another highlight was running into a former colleague, Nino, with whom I had a good chat about life, the universe and public relations.

Last night I caught up with Shanthini and Adrian at the annual work staff reunion. They both seemed well and, in particular, I noticed that Adrian had lost a few kilograms. Congratulations. I’ve been to a couple of these reunions before and they’re mostly good fun. There was one occasion where most of those attending were from a long, long time ago and so I didn’t know them. This time, however, I caught up with quite a few people I know. Maybe it’s because I’ve been working for the same organisation since November 1989?

Work has been good over the last week. I spent Wednesday welcoming some new staff members which was a little exhausting, but mostly really enjoyable.

When not at work, and not out socialising, I’ve been at home, watching tv, listening to the radio, cooking, reading and surfing the net. Speaking of which, this week, I also downloaded Google’s answer to Messenger, Google Talk which also offers a Skype-like component, meaning you can use voice. At this stage, however, I don’t know anyone else who has downloaded it, so I guess I’m just talking to myself. Please, someone download it so I can see how it works!

What’s in store for the next week or so? Tomorrow, Kate and I are going to visit a few galleries, including Roslyn Oxley, host of the new Tracey Moffatt exhibition. And then next weekend I have an ABBA Convention to attend.

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