Lady Godiva

It’s Wednesday night and I’m just waiting for “The Simpsons” to come on television. Although I’m a little Teddie-tired and maybe a little run down, there’s lots happening in my life at the moment.

Tonight, Laura and I went to the opening of a new gallery just around the corner from my place, Lushart. LushART is an online art gallery selling art and craft depicting themes of “love” and “lust”.. Hence, the gallery was opened with a Lady Godiva character riding naked (g-string) on horseback down Surry Hills.

What a great stunt and what a pleasure to be invited. The director of the gallery is Irena Dobrijevich who used to be Director of the Lismore Regional Art Gallery and who achieved a degree of notoriety a couple of years ago. Laura and I then went for a steak at Forresters which was very nice. Both are quintessential Sydney moments.

Lady Godiva on Crown Street Surry Hills
Lady Godiva on Crown Street Surry Hills

Aside from a drink with Michaela and Laura on Monday night where I guess we all wanted to let off some steam, life over the last few days has been dominated by work, coming home and watching a bit of television. Of all the things I’ve watched, the most memorable was, without a doubt, the movie Wilde.

I turn 40 soon. Oddly enough, I’m feeling apprehensive this birthday for a number of reasons I know I shouldn’t be. I’m reasonably successful and reasonably happy, I’m reasonably well-balanced and I’m reasonably spiritually content. But there’s still a feeling of “maybe I could have done something more, something different with my life”.

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