Beautiful Day

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves

It’s one of those beautiful autumn days, with just a slight chill in the air. As we approach winter, the leaves on the trees in my street have begun to fall. And yet, there’s still a warmth in the air, and so there’s an odd combination of people walking around in shorts and jeans, t-shirts and jackets.

It’s been a reasonably busy and social week, catching up for drinks on a couple of occasions. I joke with people at work that I have friends who are alcoholics and that I only have a drink with them to keep them on the straight and narrow. “So it’s like you’re providing a community service?”, joked one of my colleagues, adding “You should get an Order of Australia Medal for all the community service you do”.

Some of the things I planned to do this week, I didn’t, mostly through a lack of enthusiasm. I also had a sick day from work, hoping to head off a bug which has been making me feel lethargic all week. Work as usual remains busy.

Today and tomorrow are mostly days for house cleaning ahead of hosting my Eurovision bash tomorrow night which sounds like it will be well-attended with a fun bunch of people.

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