Shopping in Lismore

I wandered around Lismore Shopping Square late this afternoon in search of a new pair of casual sports shoes, finally settling on a black pair of Dunlop Volleys. Quite comfortable, I thought to myself, and quite fashionable too. You know me, always ahead of the times, and always on the lookout for a good bargain, and at just $21.99 from Big W, they were certainly that.

If the truth is told, the shoes were just an excuse to go to the shopping centre to enjoy the air conditioning and to escape some of the humidity which I’ve found a little overwhelming since arriving here. This was especially the case last night when I travelled to Bangalow for an event which I was the MC for at the local A and I Hall.

Bangalow, of course is very fashionable now, though I remember when it was just the place you stopped for a pea on the trip to or from Brisbane. But now it’s all very upmarket with shops selling nick-nacks from all around the world. “You know the one thing you can’t buy in Bangalow?”, a friend aksed me. “Nickers. You can’t buy nickers or anything practical in Bangalow aside from milk, unless of course you consider Moroccan rugs part of your daily shopping”.

Despite the flashness of it all, it was still bloody hot and humid, and I noticed more than a few of those attending the event wore thongs. Holding off on a glass of wine (or two) until I had performed my official role, I downed several glasses of sparkling mineral water in quick succession. And although I’d taken my jacket coat with me, it didn’t take much convincing for me to take it off.

It was the second day in a row I’d been asked to perform a “public role”, having been interviewed by a newspaper the previous day. With baited breath, I checked the online edition in the middle of last the night to make sure what I said came out okay. Thankfully it did.

Aside from that, I now have a few free days at home just hanging out with my family before returning to work on Tuesday. Aside from a brief trip to Brisbane tomorrow to see my sister who isn’t well at the moment, I don’t have all that much planned for my time away. Just a bit of relaxing and hanging out with my family. Thankfully my nephew is still at that cute stage, though I suspect he’s starting to show signs of the “terrible twos”.

So yes all I have planned is hanging out with the family, doing nothing in particular, maybe catching up with some mates and, if the humidity continues, maybe some more shopping at Lismore Square.

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  1. When we talked on the phone I thought you said “Moroccan Drugs” not morrocan rugs – I didn’t even bat an eye at the drugs, I’m more suprised by the rugs!

  2. The glamour of Lismore Shopping Centre explains a lot about you James!

    Get out now – while you still can!

    There’s a whole wide world outside of Porpoise….er, Lismore!

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