Ridge Street

James, next time you’re on one of your Surry Hills photo-taking jaunts, could you please have a look at what is at 15 Ridge St, Surry Hills? My great Aunt and her children lived there in 1936. I would really appreciate it if you have a chance! Thanks!

So here you go, Cathy… this is Ridge Street, Surry Hills.

It’s an interesting little street, with a couple of really quite interesting buildings, architecturally speaking. In fact, there’s an architect’s office on the corner, opposite the Greek Church. There’s some lovely plant life and some nice little houses. It’s a typical Surry Hills street in many ways.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It looks quite nice! I love the trees.
    I wonder what it would have been like in 1936. I always picture the scenes from “Harp in the South” when thinking of Surry.
    Now, do any of James readers live in Woollahra?? I have a similar assignment awaiting, should you chose to accept it.

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