Din Tai Fung

As I walked in to work today it was pretty bloody quiet around Sydney. The streets were quiet. All of the buses looked half empty. And then when I actually got to work itself, it was quiet even there. Even though it’s supposed to be a quiet time of the year, I work in an industry that still operates twenty-four seven. So, as well as running the place, I found myself doing odd-jobs like answering the phone, buying the milk, sorting the mail and so on. I was anxious though to make sure I still made it out for lunch, as has been my “early new year’s resolution” since arriving back from Europe.

And so when one of my colleagues suggested a couple of us go out for lunch, I said “yes” instantly. And soon found myself hovering around his desk at about five minutes to twelve saying “are you ready? can we go now?” in anticipation of a recently much recommended food experience.

As we left work and headed towards our lunchtime venue I almost ached with anticipation, as he has previously spoken very highly of Din Tai Feng, a Chinese dumpling and noodle placed located in Shop 11/Level 1 of the World Square Shopping Centre on George Street. We had to take a number to wait our turn, but as we did there was plenty to entertain. As you stand outside, you actually seem them freshly preparing the dumplings. And you’re also given a “tick the box” menu which means your food arrives within minutes of you sitting down and taking a seat inside.

The steamed up windows of Din Tai Fung where they make everything fresh.

The food was great. Really great. Their signature dish, a dumpling with a consomme inside which kind of melts in your mouth was spectacular. We also had a green bean dish with dried ham, some friend rice, and a few other bits and pieces. All up, including a beer each, it was about $25 per head, which was good value given the amount of food we had, and the quality of food we had. “Is it open at night?”, I wondered, thinking it would be great to go back for dinner there one night. Highly recommended.

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