Biggish Night

Art House Hotel
Art House Hotel

Friday was a biggish night.

I started the evening catching up at The Art House Hotel with Edward who I met last year in Stockholm.

It was a funny meeting in lots of ways.

We met sharing a room at a hostel in Stockholm.

At first, I thought he could have been from anywhere, as he has a physical Asian appearance.

We soon established, however, that, although by Korean by birth, he had lived in Australia for most of his life, since arriving at about the age of fourteen.

We quickly bonded and enjoyed a few days together, enjoying Stockholm.

We also bonded on the basis that we had both found ourselves a little exhausted from our jobs, and had decided to take extended leave to re-establish a greater degree of work-life balance. He’s late 30s, by the way.

Since arriving back from our holidays, we’ve had a beer together, and we caught up again to chat about life the universe and everything. He’s a nice bloke, I like him very much, and I hope we’ll stay in touch.

From there, I called in for a quick catch-up with Graeme who had texted me earlier asking if I was keen to have a drink.

And then I went to Louisa’s Eurovision Semi-Final Party which was fun.

And then I returned to catch up with Graeme who was still out and about having a drink with some mates.

So, by this stage, you might imagine it’s getting late. And it certainly was.

Apparently I look “completely hot” in a suit according to some English bloke I got chatting to.

Nothing else to say or report except “Happy Birthday Sue”.

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