Harbour Times Two

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

Sometimes I can go weeks without a visit to the harbour. Today wasn’t one of those days, as I attended two events at Circular Quay: one in the morning, and one in the evening.

Tonight, Michaela and I went to see “Spontaneous Broadway” which, amongst others featured Julia Zemiro. “And there was that bloke from ‘Neighbours’ too”, we both noted, though neither of us could remember his name.

It was then, with some fondness, we remembered the first season of “Neighbours” when it screened on Channel 7, and which featured someone who wasn’t Jason Donovan playing the role of Scott Robinson. Again, the name of the actor eluded us.

As a bit of a fan of musical theatre, I was attracted by the premise of the show, with a series of improvised performances based on song title suggestions by the audience.

Most of the jokes are centred around musical rhymes and puns, but most of the show’s humour (and humanity) comes from watching the actors making stuff up on the spot, and watching the interaction between the actors, and in particular how they work so closely with the two musicians, a pianist and a drummer.

Dig Jazz Cupcake
Dig Jazz Cupcake

Unlike most shows, these days, which go on far too long, it was just the right length, and oddly enough for an improvised show, seemed to be quite well-directed.

After watching the show we had a drink or two at Opera Bar which remains one of my favourite spots in Sydney.

On the other side of Circular Quay, I went to an event at Cruise Bar this morning for the ABC’s official launch of Digital Radio. As well as some speeches, there were some fine musical performances by the likes of Paul Grabowsky and Sarah Blasko, highlighting the three new digital music stations which have come with the launch. Sarah, by the way, has just recorded her new CD in Stockholm. Aaaah, Stockholm.

Overall, it was a lovely day.

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  1. Victor Avatar

    I can never visit Circular Quay and its surrounds enough. It always seems exciting and visually fascinating.

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