Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast
Sunday Roast

After today’s movie screening, I wandered around looking for lunch somewhere.

At first I settled on The Captain Cook, which is now run by a couple of former staff from our regular Wednesday night venue. But it just didn’t feel right. So I ended up at what I think is called The Tap Hotel (or something like that). Whatever it’s called it’s on the corner of South Dowling and Flinders Streets.

I remember it was being part of The Pub Boy Chain, though it’s recently changed hands, selling so-called “boutique beers”.

You can imagine the look of horror on the face of the bar-man when I ordered “a schooner of VB, thanks”.

Although he suggested Budvar, I’d told him that I’d drunk that twelve months ago in Prague and I didn’t think it was all that good. I settled instead on a Bees Knees from WA.

And then I wandered upstairs to have their advertised Sunday Roast.

The upstairs room is fantastic. It’s almost like being in someone’s very interesting inner-city terrace. I’d say the restaurant could happily and comfortably seat about 20 or 30 people.

The crowd was made up youngish (25-35) groups of peoples, with a strong poof influence as well.

As I jumped into my roast (which was EXCELLENT) a group of people looked over approvingly at my choice. It was very very good. And although a $22 roast is somewhat pricey, I thought it was excellent value. I’d highly recommend it.

Swedish Texts
Swedish Texts

After enjoying my meal, I sat down in a little alcove and waited for a little while to pay my bill.

Interestingly, as I looked at the walls I noticed a stencil on the wall of books from a Swedish library.

These are classic Swedish books, by the one, with one called “My Best Reader”, and the other, which features prominently, is a text book about castles and heritage buildings in Sweden which is legendary.

“How odd”, I thought to myself, wondering why on earth a pub in Sydney would have a stencil like that on the wall.

I couldn’t be bothered asking the question, instead wandered off home for an afternoon nap. The combination of an excellent, but intense movie, as well as a Sunday roast was more than enough for me.

I’m starting a new job tomorrow – well acting – so I need to rest up a bit.

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