ABBA i kyrkan

Lutheran Church in Sydney which is also home to Svenska kyrkan i Sydney
Lutheran Church in Sydney which is also home to Svenska kyrkan i Sydney

The sound of ABBA could be heard wafting from the cafe of the Lutheran Church in Sydney tonight.

As part of our Swedish studies each week, we translate a song and have a discussion about the lyrics, how they work as texts, and, of course we listen to the song.

We’ve done a range of Swedish artists, but have so far avoided ABBA.

Tonight, however, we bit the bullet and did the original Swedish version of ABBA’s song, “SOS”.

It was originally recorded by Agnetha Fältskog for her album, Elva kvinnor i ett hus (Eleven Women In One House).

“I don’t remember the English lyrics”, said the woman who did this week’s translation.

“I remember them completely”, said another, noting the Swedish version was a little more bleak. Or maybe just a little more direct? Or maybe the translation was just a little more literal.

Whatever the case, it was good fun. And despite a couple of groans from some of the younger class members, I noticed just about everyone in the class was lip-synching along (in Swedish of course).

Class was quite good fun tonight, and especially since there were a few new faces.

It was a good way to end a day that I found a little more satisfying than yesterday.

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