Table for a Forty Year Old

“I’ve always wanted to go here, but have never gotten around to it”, commented a friend and colleague over the table at lunch today. He echoed by my own thoughts when I’d first heard about “Table For 20” on Campbell Street, Surry Hills.

Before lunch was served, the owner explained the philosophy behind the restaurant: that good food should be served in a social context. Thus, most of the time the restaurant seats small groups of people at large tables who are encouraged to get to know their neighbours.

In the background, there’s always music, I’m told, and today was a youngish bloke who did a version of “Flame Trees” which meant a lot to the assembled crowd. And part of the profits from the restaurant go to help a charity which supports homeless people in the 2010 postcode district. Nice concept eh?

It was my friend Michaela’s birthday. I’m not exactly sure how many people were there, but we certainly filled the restaurant with a diverse, interesting, and fun group of people. As with all fortieth birthdays there were speeches. And it was her mum who brought the house down with wonderful tales from Michaela’s childhood, finally saying how proud she was. Tears all round.

But back to the restaurant… We started off with some pasta, followed by Spanish Mackerell, and then finally Tiramasu (to die for). All of the food is cooked under the supervision of the owner’s mother. She sounds like she must be a remarkable woman!

Upstairs there’s a bar called Sticky. Who says Sydney doesn’t have great small bars? This is a great room with friendly bar staff and comfortable chairs.

And that’s it. That’s how I spent my Saturday. Dining with friends in a terrific environment. It doesn’t get better, eh?

Coming home tonight, I was quite exhausted and hit the couch and fell asleep for a few hours. The last week or so has been incredibly busy. I’ve been out every night (except Monday) since last Thursday. And often it’s been eating quite well in nice surroundings. I need a rest I think.

My friend Sue and I are spending a week or so on a holiday in South Australia. We’re both looking forward to relaxation. Some peace and quiet. And some “quality time”.

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