What will Tim Draxl do next?

About half way through tonight’s show by Tim Draxl at The Civic I found my mind wandering. “What’s he going to do next?”, I thought to myself, adding “He’s done music, cabaret, films. Where’s his headspace at?”. Minutes later he articulated my very thoughts. “A lot of people have wondered what am I going to do next? So have I”, he said, adding that he felt exhilarated by the uncertainty of his career at the moment.

He’s a great singer, but somehow, deep own, you get the feeling his heart isn’t in it. He’s a good actor, but apart from the occasional good role, he’s appeared in quite a few dodgy films and shows. Personally, I’d love him to concentrate on singing. The best singers, in my opinion, usually have a theatrical quality about them. Unlike many of the singers you see on television these days – last night’s American Idol for example – the best singers are those who put their heart and soul into a song. Those who can sing a song, hitting the notes and drawing upon deep emotions, and who don’t need to rely on vocal gymnastics to impress. Tim Draxl is such a performer.

He talked tonight about having sung a song when he was young and not making much of a fist of it, primarily because he hadn’t experienced love at that time in his life. He said that he hoped he would sing it better tonight because he had learned so much more from life. And he did. You still get the feeling, though, he’s holding back. Although he sings beautifully, you still get the feeling there’s a lot more he could share. And if you could combine the natural talent he has, along with the hard work he has put into his career, along with a little more raw emotion, you just know he would be a GREAT performer. That said, it was a good show tonight, and one which Colin, Grant and I enjoyed very much.

The Civic is a great venue. Dinner was excellent. The show was only before about 60 people, so it was intimate. A good night was had by all.

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