Hallå hela pressen

The train trip between Gävle and Stockholm is pretty stunning. It only takes about 90 minutes, but along the way there is so much to see. Well, maybe not much that to see, but the snow is kinda hypnotic. I spent most of the trip looking out the window at the snow and the trees. And it’s great to see the variation, especially when you go from forests to open fields. In the forests in particular, you could see the branches on some trees were so heavily laden with fresh snow, that they were actually drooping. That’s the major difference between up north and here in Stockholm. Although there’s still some snow here, there’s also a warm feel to the place.

On arriving back in Stockholm, I checked in to Crystal Plaza where I’m staying for these final few days. It’s a nice small room in a nice part of town. And central too, which was good because I walked home tonight from seeing the same schlager band I saw the other week, Hallå hela pressen. Apparently they weren’t all that well received when they appeared at Stockholm Pride last year, but I’ve really loved the two performances I’ve seen of them at Victorias. You can see from their faces they love the music they’re performing. This contrasts with other covers bands who I’ve seen, especially in smaller country towns, who you know would prefer to be doing their own songs, and who see cover versions as – somehow – less important. Highlights of the night included terrific versions of “Hollow” and “Keep On Walking” from this year’s Melodifestivalen.

I met one of the two singers later in the night. He seemed like a nice bloke too. I also met Andrés Esteche, a contestant in 2003 and 2004 in Melodifestivalen who joined the band on stage for a song. They had another bloke joining them also, though I don’t know his name. Can someone help? Can you have too much schlager? Anyway, great performance and a terrific final Monday night in Stockholm before returning home.

For the Swedophile, Andres has a great video featuring lots of recognisable Stockholm images.

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