First Day

ABBA Gold poster in Norrkoping
ABBA Gold poster in Norrkoping

Going back to work after a lengthy holiday is always a mix of emotions.

I had a wonderful time on my holiday. But I also genuinely like my job and the people I work with. And so, as I headed off to work this morning, there was a slight spring in my step.

I jokingly wrote on Facebook this morning that I was sick and wouldn’t be able to go to work today. A few people believed me. “So you are at work?’, someone asked me when I called.

The first day back at work after a lengthy holiday is also a forgiving one.

People ask you questions for which you SHOULD know the answer or SHOULD be able to make a decision instantly. But they also readily accept that you’ve been away for a month, aren’t fully across the issues, and that an answer tomorrow is generally okay.

Of course, they also want to hear about your trip. And so I prepared a five minute slideshow which covered the highlights, gave a flavour of the experience, but was short enough to avoid the boredom factor.

People will also indulge you as you talk about Swedish pop music and send them links to artists, “they must see”.

“What was the highlight of your trip”? was the difficult question I didn’t anticipate today, and yet I was asked it several times.

How could I NOT anticipate such a question? They also wanted to know about the weather.

The weather was easy. The answer was generally it was really great, although there were three or four days when I nearly froze to death.

But a highlight? That’s a much tougher question to answer, because the trip was full of many highlights.

And unlike my last trip which was, to an extent, running away from my life, this was very much about finding out how this “obsession” (or whatever it is about Sweden) fits into my life.

Generally speaking, my first day back at work was a good one, which generally involved a series of “catch up” meetings, chatting to people about what’s been happening and any imminent decisions or issues that need to be resolved.

And then tonight I went to a friend’s place for dinner which was lovely.

Overall, it was a pretty good First Day.

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