Television Sunday

I’m checking out Twitter, I’m reading every newspaper article, I’m listening to the radio, and I’m watching a fair bit of television for even the slightest cue from the independents about when they’ll make a decision or announcement (it’s a professional interest for me at the moment).

Although there’s speculation, and there’ll be some rumours, I doubt there’ll be an official announcement until the Prime Minister goes to see the Governor-General indicating she can/can’t form a government.

As I’ve watched this unfold, there have been some interesting moments here and then, but my favourite moment so far was watching a bit of ABC News 24 tonight, when Australian journalists missed a really great opportunity. While they were asking Bob Katter questions through the window of a taxi, I wish one of them would have looked through the window and asked the cab driver… “so what’s your advice for Mr Katter?” It would have made for a great cab ride I reckon, and perhaps changed the history of Australia :)

But there were other reasons for watching television today. First, the ABC’s Landline featured highlights from the “Saturday Night Country” event I was involved in at last week’s Gympie Muster. Second, ABC News 24 featured a conversation with Bret Easton Ellis at the Byron Writers Festival conducted by my colleague, Simon Marnie. And then finally, a doco made by my friend, Michaela, called “Boxing For Palm Island” screened on “Message Stick”. It was great to see all a number of people I’ve worked with have television programs running one after the other.

Saturday Night Country live show on Landline on ABC1
Saturday Night Country live show on Landline on ABC1

And as I’m heading off to Tassie this week, I spent a bit of time going through the program guide and organising my PVR so I can record my favourite programs while I’m otherwise away and busy.

OMG – is this what my life has come to? Forty-five years old in November, and my Sunday revolves around the TV guide.

I’m back on Thursday night, and almost as soon as I arrive home, I’m off to see the Swedish indie/folk/pop group, First Aid Kit.

So with all that happening, it’s kinda nice to spend most of the day watching television and preparing/packing for my trip to Tassie.

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