All a bit stupid

Lutheran Church and Cafe Svensson on Goulburn Street, Sydney
Lutheran Church and Cafe Svensson on Goulburn Street, Sydney

Well that was all a bit stupid. Having spent the day in bed feeling pretty sick, I decided I’d still try to make it to Swedish class. Big mistake.

The symptoms of my illness? A bit of hayfever, lots of sneezing, a bit of a bronchial cough, and general lethargy. Damien told me last night he had a few people off work yesterday, and one of my class-mates at Swedish who lectures at TAFE told me it’s pretty common. “A lot of people have it”, she told me,

For me, it’s been a day mostly in bed, and mostly watching television. Oh my goodness, how bad is daytime TV?

I watched a bit of the anti-carbon rally on the lawns of Parliament House, I watched a bit of the Press Club which was about the pokies, and then I watched a bit of Question Time. The highlight was a division over whether Christopher Pyne should be excluded from parliament for twenty-four hours.

As I watched the division – with the expert commentary which explained they no longer have as many divisions with the Speaker of the House now having greater discretion – I noticed they’ve been using the same set on Question Time for twenty years. They really could do with an Adam Boland make-over, surely? :):)

By late afternoon, thoughts had turned to Swedish class. Was I up to it? My inclination was to stay in bed, but I’d heard from Grant earlier in the day that he had also been feeling sick and wasn’t planning to attend. At the thought of class being half-empty, I decided to have a nap on the couch for a couple of hours to see how I was feeling and make up my mind then. And actually, I woke up feeling reasonably refreshed. At about 6.15 – the absolute last minute – I caught a cab to class and settled down.

For a while I felt okay, but after a while I soon realised the body may have been stronger, but the mind was definitely weak. As I began to read out something to the class the words swirled before my eyes. I even struggled with reading out loud my own writing. “I’ll be better next week”, I promised my classmates.

And besides, next week, there’s a Scandinavian Quiz Night in the cafe downstairs.

There’s a notice about it on the Danish Church website which Liam alerted me to. The text below is in Danish by the way.

Onsdag den 30.marts kl.19: Skandinavisk quiz
Onsdag den 30.marts byder vi i samarbejde med Den Norske Kirke og Den Svenske Kirke på skandinavisk quiz og hygge i centrum af Sydney. Denne aften har du muligheden for at møde nogle søde og flinke svenskere og nordmænd – og samtidig vise dem, hvem der ved mest! Dørene åbnes kl.18, så der er tid til at få hilst på hinanden og få fyldt kaffekoppen inden quizzen begynder kl.19. Emnerne vil være med et skandinavisk udgangspunkt og omhandle alt lige fra historiske begivenheder til popmusik.
Så kom med din paratviden og dit gode danske humør. Jo flere, jo festligere!

TID: onsdag den 30.marts kl.18.00. Quizzen begynder kl.19.00
STED: Den Svenske Kirke, 96 Goulburn St., Surry Hills, 2000 NSW (5-10 minutters spadsertur fra Central)

Har du nogle spørgsmål så kontakt Kathrine på tlf.: 9980 8223 eller

Tilmelding er ikke nødvendigt.

Hopefully we can make it downstairs after class in enough time to contribute more knowledge about Swedish pop music than most of the Swedes present.

In the meantime, ahhh ahhh ahhh choo.

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