Michael K. Chin

One of the really terrific parts of my job is that I get to meet some really interesting people who I would otherwise not meet in my normal day to day life.

Such is the case of Michael K. Chin. He’s a composer and DJ from Sydney who appeared at Parramasala on the weekend. He is doing some really interesting collaborative work with photographers. I like his music very much, and I like the way in which the music and the still images from the photographers he works with combine so well.

This first track is just fantastic on so many levels. Musically, it’s very interesting. Photographically, there’s much to engage.

The story behind the female vocal in the second clip is also interesting. She’s a Japanese friend of Michael’s who came to visit him in Australia. The song she sings is a song she learned to help her learn to speak English.

Closer to home, I really love this project he worked on about Hyde Park.

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