Howling At The Moon

Late this morning I had the sudden realisation I no longer have an AM radio in my house. I listen to a lot of radio through on many platforms. I’ve got a DAB+/Internet Radio in the bedroom; I’ve got an internet only radio in the lounge-room; I’ve got a DAB+ sound system in the lounge-room; and through my television, computer, netbook and smart-phone, I can stream radio from anywhere in the world. Mostly it sounds pretty good, and that’s why my preferred listening platforms are now DAB+ or streaming. But this morning I really wanted to listen to something on good old-fashioned AM. It was an issue of how the compression and processing of AM was dealing with a newish type of technology. And that’s when I started going through the cupboards and boxes and discovered there wasn’t an AM radio to be found at home.

Speaking of radio, that’s where I spent most of my day working on a few things. On the way home, I popped in to buy some dumplings from the Burlington Centre. It was a bit of a wait tonight, but the pan friend pork dumplings they have are surely worth the wait. As I made my way up Devonshire Street, I passed one of my local pubs playing live music. It was then I had a bit of a “I Love Sydney” moment, reflecting on how cool it was to be in a city where Sunday night can remain fairly buzzy. It doesn’t have to be a night where you sit in front of the television resting up for a new week at work. I’ve always loved doing things on a Sunday night. It just makes the weekend last a bit longer.

That said, I’ll be spending most of the night in front of the tele. I’m hoping there’s something OTHER than a cooking show or a talent show on offer tonight. Or maybe I’ll just grab a glass of wine and take up a seat on the balcony and watch tonight’s “super moon”?

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  1. A picture of our Sony bathroom radios. I use my ‘walkperson’ DAB radio in the bathroom now. The old one does not get turned on. Super moon? I have not heard about a super moon, but the moon was spectacular here tonight.

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