Muum Maam

When it comes to online reviews, I’m a firm believer that you should always ignore the most glowing and the most negative ones. Thus, when I read a review of Muum Maam, where the guy changed his rating from four stars to one (due to a poor experience) I was intrigued more than anything. Nonetheless, I suggested to a friend we should go there, as all of the other reviews were extremely positive.

The food was beautiful. We ordered just three meals and we thought they were all very good.

  • Massaman coconut curry of veal ossobucco and potato with traditional condiments
  • Crispy pork belly and snake beans stir -fried with Phrik Khing chilli paste
  • Fried rice with prawns, chicken and toasted coconut
  • As we chatted over dinner, we agreed the pork belly was very tasty, and the Massaman curry was pretty amazing. “I’ve never had a Massaman veal curry before”, my friend commented, noting beef is the more common variety served in Sydney, at least.

    The service could be better, as we encountered a waiter with a bit of ‘tude.

    As we left the restaurant, and headed off for a post-dinner glass of wine, and debrief, the conclusion was clear : we thought it was very good. “We didn’t eat much, but I feel very full” was the top-line summary of our experience from my friend.

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