45 Minutes in Ballina

After the glorious weather of the last few days, I’ve arrived back in Sydney to a thunderstorm. I like thunderstorms, by the way.

I went in to the Lismore office for work today and got a remarkable amount done. I guess that’s always the way when you’re out of your regular workspace.

Mid afternoon, I headed home and then we made our way to Ballina Airport for the flight home. We actually arrived at the airport about forty-five minutes earlier than expected as the traffic was unexpectedly good.

The Big Prawn at Ballina

With a bit of time to spare, we did a bit of sight-seeing. After years of neglect, it was great to see the Big Prawn has been given a lick of paint. It was also a lovely day at the beach which was nearly deserted, possibly due to strong winds.

Here are some photographs taken during 45 minutes in Ballina.

Pat and Nancy at Ballina
Pat and Nancy at Ballina
Ballina, NSW, Australia
Ballina, NSW, Australia
Ballina, NSW, Australia
Ballina, NSW, Australia





2 responses to “45 Minutes in Ballina”

  1. Sandra in Sweden Avatar
    Sandra in Sweden

    Looking handsome James!

    1. James O'Brien Avatar

      That’s very sweet of you to say. I put it down to good surroundings.

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