4 Fourteen for Lunch

“The last time I ate bone marrow was in France with David”, I told Damien over lunch. Unlike many other Frenchman, David has quite conservative tastes in food. I remember staying with him and his mother, and while she had a taste for lovely cheeses, he thought they were plain smelly. “He hated it”, I told Damien.

I’ve been to 4 Fourteen only once before, for my birthday last year, at Michaela’s suggestion. Damien too suggested this as a belated birthday lunch (my birthday was Sunday).

In summary, we both really enjoyed the meals which consisted of said bone marrow, kingfish and pork belly. One large course and two smaller ones was definitely enough for two.

It was a relatively quiet day at the restaurant, and we were somewhat surprised that was the case so close to Christmas.

There was another surprise though that Damien told me about on his way to lunch. “I’ve lived in Sydney fifteen years and I thought I’d seen it all until today. There was a guy totally nude crossing the lights at Taylor Square.” Maybe it was the warm weather?

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