It’s Like I Never Left

Back in Brissie for a few days…

The first thing I noticed was sitting, waiting for a train at Roma Street, and about half the men were wearing shorts. “Oh yeah”, I thought to myself, “you can wear shorts in Brisbane in the middle of winter”

That’s the thing about coming back to Brisbane that always surprises me. Even though I lived in Brisbane for four years, and have regularly visited Brisbane for most of my life, there are things I remember, and things I forget. I’ll walk down a street and know instantly where I am. I’ll turn a corner and be completely confused.

I had a moment of complete confusion, for example, where I thought I was staying at one hotel, when I was actually staying at another. OK. Maybe I’d had a few drinks. BUT, I put it down to the familiarity vs unfamiliarity I have with Brisbane. It still feels like a place I know very well, but it also feels quite different, having changed in many ways.

Highlights from the trip included catching up with family, meeting a really great guy who is actually now living in Sydney and who has family from Lismore (WTF?) and travelling Business Class back.

The one and only time I’ve travelled business class. Thanks to a points donation from some old friends I met in the Virgin Lounge. “We can’t have you sitting back in 21c, join us in 1c.”, They said.


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  1. That is how you get caught out, when you are reasonably familiar with a place and don’t even consider the need to check detail.

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