The Future Of Radio

I made a brief appearance on national radio last night, in an hour-long segment asking…

The way we listen to radio has changed dramatically. What does the future hold? And why is radio such a powerful medium? James O’Brien is the Acting Manager of the ABC’s Capital City Radio Group and Steve Ahern is a radio trainer, historian and consultant.


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  1. A really interesting discussion James, it brought back memories of listening to short-wave radio from around the world as a kid, doing my school work experience at 3RRR and 3MP and volunteering in community radio in the late 1980s.

    I’ve been listening to Nightlife a lot lately while working nightshift behind the wheel. Ironically I missed your radio topic because I chose to listen to Podcasts that night!

    Thanks for posting the link.

    1. Thanks Simon. So great to know you’re another “shortwave kid”. I actually still have a shortwave radio (it’s in the bathroom on the ledge above the toilet) which I scan occasionally. Hoping all is well with you.

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