Why Is ABC Radio News at 7.45?

I was chatting with a colleague today, and he asked why ABC Radio News is heard at 7.45am and not 8.00am, which is the convention for most radio stations. I did a few searches, and couldn’t come to a conclusion, though 7.45am dates back to 1932 when the ABC started, though noting that bulletin was on 2FC, now Radio National. Anyone know? A shift change at the Post Master General? :)


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I once heard it was because the shift started at 8am and people could listen to the news before it started. That was in the middle of last century however so I can’t work out why it is still at 0745
28 Mar 2017

I always thought it was because the AM program starts at 8AM.
28 Mar 2017

AM has only been around since the late 60s, whereas this appears to have gone back to the 1930s. A bit of digging around and commentary on Twitter, seems to suggest it was due to an arrangement with newspapers. The theory was, 0745 was the earliest the ABC could read out the newspapers without impacting on sales. See press clipping from 1935 below, found by a colleague on Trove.
29 Mar 2017

CANBERRA, Wednesday.-Although the Australian Broadcasting Commission has considered establishing its own newsgathering staff, the Commission will still rely on the metropolitan news papers for its news services. This statement was made in the House of Representatives to-day by the Minister representing the P.M.G. (Mr. A. Parkhill), in response to a question asked by Mr. Clark (Lang Lab, N.S.W.). Mr. Parkhill said tho Comnmission paid the Associated Australian Press about £1450 a year for the right to transmit news made available by this organisation at certain stipulated times and for certain periods. The agreement, which recently expired, was being renewed on similar terms.
29 Mar 2017

I’m glad that the best part of a century after the decision was made, we are still programming our radio based on reading newspaper stories.
29 Mar 2017

Its time it was moved its a silly placement in time. Ask ABC TV News to place the 7pm news at 6.45 !!! Mind you AM would not budge !!! I agree with Rae.

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