Back To Tamworth

For a brief moment today I was transported back to Tamworth (NSW), and in particular the Country Music Festival. The launch of the Golden Guitars for 2019 was held today at my workplace in Sydney. Attending, I was reminded of being one of the judges, and making my way through a crate-load of compact discs. I was reminded of the many years I travelled to Tamworth to conduct outside broadcasts for ABC Radio. I was also reminded of the warm days and nights in Tamworth during the festival. Though it’s about fifteen years since I last attended, I’d love to return at some point. Attending today brought back some very fond memories.

Catching up with old Tamworth mates, Andrea Ho and Felicity Urquhart.
Official photograph of the artists at today’s launch in Sydney.
From the archives, an outside broadcast from the steps of ABC Radio in Tamworth in 2003.
In the studio of ABC Radio in Tamworth, with John Williamson, Pixie Jenkins and Warren H. Williams
The Jim Beam Girls!!

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