My Local Pedestrian Crossing

I’ve been thinking about this local issue for quite some time. Tonight, I wrote to the relevant authority in NSW. I’ll update when I get a response.

My concern is about the pedestrian crossing between Devonshire and Cleveland Streets in Surry Hills. Though I (as a pedestrian) really appreciate the introduction of this crossing, I am concerned whenever I cross it. It’s too close to Devonshire and Cleveland Streets, and so I find that a lot of motorists will “build up speed”, and either “don’t slow down” or completely ignore pedestrians and drive through. A few days ago I was about 1/3 of the way across the crossing and two cars drove through, not even slowing down. Even though the crossing is elevated, it seems to me it needs either better signage or cameras (or something, you’re the experts) to deal with the situation. I’m a fit active man, and can respond accordingly. I worry about some of the older members of my community. I feel safer crossing Cleveland Street, to be honest.

Crown Street, Surry Hills, looking towards Cleveland Street
Crown Street, Surry Hills, looking towards Cleveland Street

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3 thoughts on “My Local Pedestrian Crossing

  1. Update 1 :

    As Crown Street near Landsowne Street in Surry Hills is a local road which is under the care and consideration of City of Sydney, Roads and Maritime has forwarded your concerns onto Council.

    1. Update 2 from City of Sydney.

      Thank you for your email to the Council. Due to the significant number of traffic and parking related issues that Council is asked to investigate, it is necessary for these matters to be prioritized for investigation and action. We appreciate your understanding of the potential delay in responding to your concern. The incidence of drivers exceeding the speed limit on the public road particularly local roads often raises safety concerns in the local community. The main method of discouraging speeding is through enforcement, public education and safety awareness campaigns, which are generally conducted by the RMS, Police NSW and Local Councils. A site visit conducted and found that the pedestrian crossing has been sign posted according to the Australian standard. . As a rule of thumb drivers are expected and/or hoped to be aware of road environment and should be driving within the constraints of the Australian Road Rules it is not possible to design a road network so that responsibility and care is not required by the drivers at all. The problem that your pointing in your email comes under the ‘motorist behaviour’ which at a time very difficult to control. However the issue of vehicles not obeying the Road Rules, or driving in an anti-social manner, is a matter that can only be addressed by enforcement and education. This matter will be referred to NSW Police with a request for additional patrols. As a result further addition of advisory sign is not advisable at this stage.

      Thank you for bringing this matter to Council’s attention.

      Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me

      Kind Regards

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