Surry Hills Update

Living so close to the Sydney Cricket Ground, I’m always consciously aware of when there’s a major sporting event or concert occurring: Cleveland Street turns into a carpark, and the pubs of Devonshire Street are always full (especially for the Sydney Test) as people make their way to and from the SCG.

Back in the day when I was still going to events like the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and Sleaze Ball (remember that?) it was great to live so close, even if you were taking your life into risk crossing South Dowling Street and ANZAC Parade.

But I discovered this morning there’s a new walkway that allows you to cross the road without risk. I’m not sure how long it’s been there for, since I haven’t walked this way in a few months, but it looks new.

The Albert Tibby Cotter Walkway
The Albert Tibby Cotter Walkway
As I went about my morning walk, I also noticed there was a development application sign all over a nearby group of terrace houses which have been empty since construction of the light rail commenced. Oh no, they’re going to pull them down and put up apartments, I thought to myself. Pleasingly, they’re planning to renovate the balconies, and give them a lick of paint, which is good to hear.

Clearly, Surry Hills is undergoing its latest transformation.

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