Public Art in Surry Hills

A couple of days ago a friend and neighbour alerted me to a new piece of public art in Surry Hills, on the wall of the nearby Bourke Street Bakery.

Her post on Facebook made me somehow more conscious of the public art that already surrounds me.

The queues for bread at the Bourke Street Bakery already make me think of Soviet Russia. Is that Lenin in the mural?
The bird mural on Edgley/Nickson Streets
The pottery store on Nickson Street
And the wonderful mural of Adam Goodes, on the corner of Crown and Fitzroy Streets, Surry Hills

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  1. Great street art James. Have seen pics of the Adam Goodes portrait before. I especially like the one of the baker. I like the relationship between who is painted and where. You can tell immediately what his profession is even if you didn’t know it was on a bakery wall.
    Even in little old Geelong we have some good examples of street art and currently at Geelong Gallery we have a survey exhibition of arguably Australia’s best known street artist, Geelong born Rone. Although most of his work doesn’t appear on the streets nowadays.

    1. The bird one too is wonderful. It’s directly opposite my place so I look at it most days.

      It was also the backdrop for a lovely profile photograph of Chris Bath when she was the Evenings Presenter on ABC Radio Sydney.

      And for the heroin bust that was on TV the other week.

      Will check out the gallery website.

  2. They are all good, but I think they need to be able to be enlarged on your blog for a bigger picture. I especially like the Adam Goodes mural.

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