Conflicting Calendars

The last few days have been busy spent trying to balance calendars. There’s the work calendar and there’s the personal calendar. Though the process of changing things is fairly easy, there have been conflicting emotions and practicalities, as I’ve tried to work through it all.

In the midst of it all is the strong desire to head back home again. To be honest, when I came back to Sydney a few weeks ago, I would have rather stayed in Lismore. I had similar emotions twelve months ago when I found myself “stranded there” during COVID. Though I really love being home with my family, I’m not quite ready to return to Lismore full-time yet. There is still so much to do with my job, I have friends here, and I LIKE living in Sydney. But this time, the emotions were stronger than before. Ever since returning to Sydney, I’ve been looking for cheap flights.

In the back of my mind, I’ve had a slightly silly idea of going back for the Lismore Show. I don’t actually recall the last time I’d been to the show, but it was probably when I was a teenager. And to be frank, it’s perhaps not the extravaganza I remember as a child, as back in those days, it was pretty common to be given a new outfit every year.

Lismore Show with my niece…

But after a couple of COVID years, and the flood, I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind, of going to the show, along with my family. They’re young enough to enjoy the rides, the dagwood dogs etc, while I’ll be likely more interested in the pavilions, the live music, and the comedy.

The last few times I’ve been to the showgrounds have been for the farmers market, and for Tropical Fruits, the local LGBTQIA+ celebrations.

Tropical Fruits at Lismore Showground

The pandemic has most definitely shown me I can work from anywhere, though there are still moments when I need/should engage in face-to-face meetings. Thankfully, my managers at work understand my connection to Lismore, and the often sporadic desire/need to go home at the moment.

So I’ve booked a flight to Lismore.

On the downside, I’m going to miss an exhibition of flood photographs opening at the NSW Parliament, which actually includes a family member. But there will be a bigger exhibition next year, so I can be around for that.

And while I’m there in Lismore, there’s talk of an informal high school reunion.

…contacted me recently after she’d been chatting with Trace they’d been talking about organising a get together with those of us from school who still live in the area who have recently been through the flood, to have an opportunity to catch up and talk about our experiences.

Messenger group text

So all in all, it’s a good time to be back with my family.

And I THINK, it will be the first time I’ve been home for my own birthday since my 21st. Get ready for a sponge-cake birthday post!

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  1. I expect the show will be ok if you have some children with you. It should be nice to celebrate your birthday with family. The word ‘reunion’ comes with baggage. A casual get together sounds more relaxed.

    1. Thanks Andrew. I still haven’t quite worked out the logistics of the next couple of weeks, but will get there. Once I get home, I’m sure it will become clearer how to manage it all.

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