Thursday night out in Lismore

“Thanks for opening the bar. This is a real vote of confidence in the town”, I said to the woman behind the counter at Lismore’s new “small bar”, appropriately named “The Levee”. They’ve only been open for a week or two, and I called in last night for the first time. I was impressed.

Earlier in the night, some family members and I had been to participate in some drag queen bingo at the Metropole Hotel. Last night’s show was very funny, featuring Candy Surprise from Brisbane’s “Balls Up Bingo”.

“My friend Lisa does Drag Bingo in Darwin”, I told Candy as we had our photograph taken. I messaged Lisa reassuring her Tuesday Night’s Deck Bar in Darwin is better :)

Candy asked if there were any lesbians in the audience and then pointed to our front-row table, saying “Of course there are”. She then asked if there were any homosexuals in the audience. “Looks like you’re the only one…”, Candy commented, later referring to me as “The only gay in the village”. Though I didn’t see who, someone up the back said he was bisexual :)

Drag queens seem to be quite in vogue in Lismore right now. There was another drag show at the Metropole tonight, and my nieces went to see a drag show about a month ago at Lismore Sports Club. I think there’s something in the joyousness and often brutally honest humour of drag queens that Lismore might need right now.

While my family left after the bingo, I stayed a little longer to watch the pub’s comedy night.

Of all the comedians who appeared, I was most pleased to see Scotty Brizzle. Over the last year, Scotty’s posts on Youtube and Instagram have kept me entertained and informed about Lismore’s flood recovery.

And then I called into The Levee for a glass of wine. With good decore, a Nina Simone soundtrack, and some seemingly good food options (including vegan), it was so great to see such a cool bar open, and hopefully, bring some new life into Lismore’s nightlife. Hey, I had a great time.

Bit by bit, shops in the CBD are re-opening, with old shops making a return, as well as some great new places like The Levee.

And then today, I spotted a new second-hand furniture place. Though closed today, I looked through the window and they also seem to have some pretty cool stuff. These chairs look like they come from a space-age hairdressing salon.

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  1. Lol at the guy up the back who confessed to being bisexual. It must have been funny at the time. Slowly but surely, Lismore recovers.

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