Big Events

Big Events

“I think she might be Scomo’s biggest mistake”, an “old leftie” whispered into my ear at the Andrew Olle Media Lecture. There was a perception, rightly or wrongly, that the appointment of Ita Buttrose as ABC Chair was simply another political appointment and that Ita would do the “government’s bidding”. Indeed, the appointment was a […]

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Back in my ‘hood

Though they made me cry, there are some wonderful photographs of Lismore in the current “Australian Life” exhibition in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

I’ve been going to this annual exhibition for as long as I can remember.… Read the rest

Eyes glaze over when you talk about the floods

“We’ll miss you when you go back”, Pat said to me last night. I’ve been home in Lismore for the last couple of weeks, and have really enjoyed being here. I’ll be back for Christmas, and maybe another trip before then.… Read the rest

Interview with Lismore legend, Arthur John Maloney

AAO at Coraki

“Thanks for coming and keeping the story alive”, I said to Ian and Lee at the end of their broadcast of ABC Radio’s “Australia All Over” from Coraki. “By and large people in Sydney have forgotten about the floods, and their eyes glaze over when I mention them”, I added.… Read the rest

The Queen

“So that’s what you do for a living?”, a family member commented yesterday. Aside from presenting radio programs, she finally understood my role as an editorial manager. Well, kinda.

I have a job title that is often misunderstood, “Manager, Planning for Regional and Local”.… Read the rest

The house that floated

“Have you been down the back laneway near Engine Street”, a family member asked me yesterday.

The area of Crown Street and Engine Street, South Lismore was deeply impacted in the year’s catastrophic flood.… Read the rest

Six months later

They seem to have either removed or painted over the 1974 flood signs in Lismore. The signs have been a constant reminder of the near record flood that engulfed Lismore. The 1954 flood was slightly higher and saw many more deaths.… Read the rest

North Coast Sounds

I woke up this morning to the sound of a rooster crowing. I could also hear cattle and birds. So peaceful. And then I heard the sound of milking machines. Less peaceful.… Read the rest

Catching the XPT

The last time I caught the XPT was probably in the mid-1980s. The XPT, by the way, is the “express train” between Brisbane and Sydney. And when I say “express train”, I don’t mean Chinese style/speed trains.… Read the rest

Tiwi Tour

“It would be genuinely ironic if we stopped to take a photograph of the sign and a coconut dropped on our heads”, I said to one of my fellow travellers.

Though I’ve been to Darwin many times I’ve never been to Bathurst or Melville Islands before, which are located about two and a half hours by ferry from Darwin.… Read the rest