China – Day of Contrasts

Today was a definitely a day of contrasts.

We started the day off at a medical clinic where we learned a little about the principles of Chinese Medicine. Minutes later, a group of doctors and medical students made their way around our group. While the doctors free advice to the tour group about a range of ailments, the medical students massaged our feet and legs.

Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine

I was more than happy with the student’s work and so gave him a reasonable tip.… Read the rest “China – Day of Contrasts”

China – Group Tour

Sue and I went out for a meal tonight at a nearby Chinese restaurant where the food was a little spicier than what we’ve been experiencing over the last couple of days. I like spicy food, I like challenging food, I like to try new things. In contrast, the food in the last few days has been a little mainstream, a little same-same for my liking. That said, the menu’s obviously been designed with the tour group in mind: people who aren’t, perhaps, as adventurous as I am.… Read the rest “China – Group Tour”

China – Back in China

The last time I was in China (I mean, the first time I was in China, which was in 2010) I don’t recall visiting The Temple Of Heaven. At the time, my friend Kate was living here pretty much permanently.

She was working at an art gallery here, and had an apartment in a builing a very non-western part of Beijing. She invited me to come to visit and so of course I said yes.

Being with someone who had spent a bit of time here, and who had developed a network of contacts and friends (mostly among expats) meant that I was able to go a little deeper more quickly into life in Beijing than the average tourist on a package deal, which is what I’m doing now.… Read the rest “China – Back in China”

China – Beijing Blog

At first, I thought I thought it was a simple check of the numbers. But when I saw virtually every flight attendant walking up and down the aisles with clicker counters I became curious and then worried.

“Oh my goodness, they don’t have enough food”, I thought to myself. There has already been quite a while since the vegetarian meals arrived. It was the slightly worried look on the faces of some of the flight attendants that made me jump to that conclusion.… Read the rest “China – Beijing Blog”