Hard Sleeper in Sydney

A few months ago when I went to China to visit my friend Kate, she was hosting a group of Australian artists. At the time, they were based in Beijing, but they had been travelling around the country ahead of a group exhibition called Hard Sleeper at Beijing’s Red Gate Gallery. Tonight, I was so proud of Kate and my new artist friends I met in China as the exhibition debuted in Sydney at the Damien Minton Gallery.… Read the rest “Hard Sleeper in Sydney”

China Flashback

In the last twenty-four hours I’ve had some lovely flashback memories of my time in China a few months ago.

Over lunch today, my friend Kate – who arrived back from Beijing yesterday – asked me what were my strongest memories and favourite parts of my trip to China. I told her I thought walking on the Great Wall was amazing, really amazing, and how I’d enjoyed the food immensely.

“It was the best food I’ve ever experienced, without exception on holiday”, I told her.… Read the rest “China Flashback”

Coming through Customs

Customs at Sydney Airport this morning was an absolute nightmare. Although my baggage came off reasonably quickly, there were still delays.

I have one of those new “electronic passports” which, strictly speaking, speeds up the process of coming through customs. You’re supposed to swipe your passport, stand in front of the camera, and have your photograph taken, and then the door opens and you’re free. This morning, however, the camera failed to work for both myself and the people in front and behind me and so we had to re-join the queue.… Read the rest “Coming through Customs”