China – Shopping Day

Partly by design, and partly by chance, this ended up as a “shopping day”. The planned part was a visit to a “silk worm factory” in Suzhou. And when I say “factory”, I really mean showroom.… Read the rest

China – Surprises

I never thought I’d ever find much interest in silk embroidery images of the Mona Lisa and Chairman Mao, but somehow today I did. We’re spending the night in Suzhou, the silk capital of China (apparently) located about ninety minutes by bus from the centre of Shanghai.… Read the rest

Chinese Medicine

China – Day of Contrasts

Today was a definitely a day of contrasts.

We started the day off at a medical clinic where we learned a little about the principles of Chinese Medicine. Minutes later, a group of doctors and medical students made their way around our group.… Read the rest

China – Group Tour

Sue and I went out for a meal tonight at a nearby Chinese restaurant where the food was a little spicier than what we’ve been experiencing over the last couple of days.… Read the rest

China – Back in China

The last time I was in China (I mean, the first time I was in China, which was in 2010) I don’t recall visiting The Temple Of Heaven. At the time, my friend Kate was living here pretty much permanently.… Read the rest

China – Beijing Blog

At first I thought I thought it was a simple check of the numbers. But when I saw virtually every flight attendant walking up and down the aisles with clicker counters I became curious and then worried.… Read the rest