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  • Granny was a Hoare

    Granny was a Hoare

    Sometimes you can forget how beautiful Sydney is at this time of the year. That is, until you take a walk along the coastline near Bondi, Bronte and Tamarama. The sandstone cliffs, the blue-green colour of the water, and the gentleness of the walk are both relaxing and hypnotic. The walk wasn’t overly busy, though, as most people were down on the beach.… Read the rest “Granny was a Hoare”

  • Don’t Tell Me What To Do

    Don’t Tell Me What To Do

    As I walked home this afternoon I noticed a bit of renovation work underway in my back laneway. As I wrote a few weeks ago,

    For as long as I’ve lived in Surry Hills, I’ve been quite intrigued by a warehouse located on Wiltshire Street. It’s remained a bit of a mystery for me.

    Read the rest “Don’t Tell Me What To Do”

  • West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

    West Dapto Catholic Cemetery

    I went in search today of the grave of two of my ancestors – John Hoare and Elizabeth Love – who are buried in the West Dapto Catholic Cemetery, near Wollongong. “Search” is probably not the right word to use since I had a guide, someone who’d been there before, Terry Hore, who also maintains a strong interest in genealogy.… Read the rest “West Dapto Catholic Cemetery”

  • Family History

    Family History

    I didn’t go to the pub tonight, as is my usual routine. And I won’t be going for the next couple of weeks either, since Swedish class has swapped to Wednesday night for the next few weeks. Instead, I stayed home and did some family history research.

    There was a terrific documentary on television tonight about the female convicts brought to Australia on board the “Lady Juliana”.… Read the rest “Family History”

  • Lovely Package

    Lovely Package

    After few days on the road it was nice to come home to my own bed tonight.

    But on checking the letterbox there was further reason to be happy; an envelope from Ireland which I’ve been anticipating for a few weeks Unfortunately the volcanic eruption has held up the mail somewhat, so I’ve needed to hold on that little bit longer for some court records relating to one of my ancestors, James Laing.… Read the rest “Lovely Package”

  • Family Reunion

    Family Reunion

    In the last twenty four hours I’ve had some interesting chats with people who share my passion for genealogy. I caught up yesterday with Joye Walsh, an historian of the Rixon Family. And then today, I caught up with Barry O’Brien, an historian of the O’Brien Family.

    I’m a descendant of both families, and I’ve known Joye and Barry for over a decade.… Read the rest “Family Reunion”

  • Big Ticket Day

    Big Ticket Day

    It’s always lovely going to the Opera House, and especially so tonight with Michaela.

    It was light when we arrived and dark when we left.

    We were there to see the “Year In Review” Comedy Gala, hosted by James O’Loghlin and featuring the likes of Wil Anderson (as funny as ever), Fiona O’Loghlin (so incredibly personal in her humour tonight, as she spoke about her demons of mental health and alcohol) and Eddie Perfect who seems to have regained some of his satirical bite post-Shane Warne which I didn’t think was all that great.… Read the rest “Big Ticket Day”

  • Blogging and Genealogy

    Blogging and Genealogy

    One of my favourite personal interests is family history. My earliest memory of this interest goes back to high school when we all had to do a “family tree”. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated. Although my interest is ongoing, I go through periods of great breakthroughs, and periods where nothing happens.… Read the rest “Blogging and Genealogy”

  • Irish Famine Walk

    Irish Famine Walk

    I’ve just spent a few hours walking around in the company of historian, Richard Reid.

    Richard, who works at the National Museum in Canberra is noted for his interest in the history of the Irish in Australia. In particular, his interest in the many young women who came to Australia during or immediately after the Great Famine of the late 1840s.… Read the rest “Irish Famine Walk”