Back to the movies

As I watched “The Booksellers” (the first movie I’ve seen in several months at a cinema, due to COVID-19), I thought about some of the most memorable experiences of my life spent in bookstores.

As a teenager, I remember visiting the Angus & Robertson store at the Lismore Shopping Square. In particular, I remember purchasing a copy of the Edmund White book, “A Boy’s Own Story”. As a fifteen year old (or thereabouts) in the early 80s, it was a “brave thing” to purchase a “gay book”.… Read the rest “Back to the movies”

The King

“What would David Stratton say?”, I thought to myself, when Margaret Pomeranz described the film as a “masterpiece”. She was the MC for the red carpet premiere of the new Netflix film, “The King”, a modern take of the story of Henry V.

I’m not exactly sure how, but I scored an invite, and invited my colleague and friend, Jo to come along with me. There was a red carpet, there were several glasses of champagne, and there was a lovely pack of cheese and crackers.… Read the rest “The King”

Breakfast Thoughts

“There are too many awful people, who I don’t care about”, I thought to myself as I scrolled through today’s paper. I got to about page fifteen or thereabouts, and decided I really didn’t want read any more. So I pulled out my laptop, and went looking for some more interesting reads.

Surry Hills Breakfast

I also put my thoughts toward the last few weeks since I’ve updated this blog. So much has happened, without an obvious narrative.… Read the rest “Breakfast Thoughts”

Movies, Food, Friends and Travel

I’m normally asleep before take-off. Within seconds of switching off my mobile phone, my head can normally be found bobbing from side to side, probably to the annoyance of the person sitting next to me. And there is always only one, as I have a preference for aisle seats. I don’t want to be the one who has to ask for permission to slide through on my way to the toilet. Instead, as the person who falls asleep, I’m generally the one who the permission is asked of.… Read the rest “Movies, Food, Friends and Travel”