Sunday, Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon, it’s warm in Sydney and I have just been watching “The Winner Takes It All”, the television special about ABBA. Although it was about the 800th time I’ve watched the program, every time I’ve watched it there’s always something new to observe. And today, I have had a moment to reflect on a comment by Frida. Frida mentions how she hadn’t listened to ABBA for a long time until receiving a tape where “Bjorn, Benny and Micke had remixed some of the songs”. A special present for Frida and Agnetha… or something in the vaults for future release?

I spent Thursday night at home, doing nothing in particular, except watching some television and surfing the net. The only television highlight was the show, “Gimme Gimme Gimme” which features Kathy Burke as the luscious Linda La Huges and James Dreyfus as super-gay Tom Farrell. It’s a real life “Wil & Grace” featuring a westie skank psychotic bitch living with a total neurotic gay man. (My apologies if that more than adequately describes your life either now or in the past). My favourite line from “Gimme Gimme Gimme” was from Linda who told Tom, “There’s no such thing as gay, you’re just lazy”.

The horrendous television offering made me hanker for the old days of Australian tele, when Number 96 ruled the airwaves. Now that was real television….

Life in and around a block of flats in Sydney, NSW. Don and Dudley were residents and lovers. Number 96 created a sensation when it went on the air in 1972, dealing graphically with homosexuality, drug and alcohol addictions, ambitious and promiscuous people, insanity, rape, and sex—mostly sex. Through the long run of the show, Don had affairs or relationships with Dudley, Simon, Grant, Rob, Joshua, Paul, and Bruce. Don was also the the object of the affections of Brad, Dr. Pascal, and Phillip. Dudley, Simon, Grant, and Bruce were bisexuals, Karen was a lesbian (and a witch), and Robyn turned out to be a transsexual, much to her boyfriend’s surprise.

It was a windy day/night in Sydney last night which no doubt flamed the fires in Canberra. According to the latest report from the Sydney Morning Herald Website,

Hundreds of homes were smouldering across Canberra this morning as police started door-to-door checks and emergency crews raced to create firebreaks ahead of a wind change later today. Almost 400 homes were destroyed and two people killed in Canberra when bushfires swept through the national capital late yesterday and overnight. The ACT Emergency Services Bureau said firecrews and emergency workers were busy mopping up this morning and preparing firebreaks around at-risk areas. Fires continued to burn on five fronts in the ACT this morning, with houses on fire in the western suburbs of Duffy, Holder, Weston and Chapman. About 2,500 people have been evacuated in 12 suburbs.

Just watching television coverage has been quite distressing and a couple of more deaths have been confirmed. Canberra is now under a form of “martial law” with the Chief Police officer in charge, due to problems with looting, and interrruptions to vital services including electricity.

I travelled half way around the world last night, starting off for Fiona’s Farewell at the North Bondi RSL, which has stunning views overlooking Bondi Beach. It was good to catch up with a few work-related people I haven’t seen for quite some time and have a good old natter about life the universe and everything. One of the things I realised though is that I’m not very good at small talk… chatting pleasantly with people I have just met… and so I’ve decided it’s something I need to work on. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Bondi and I had forgotten how busy it can be. It’s such a contradiction though since the beautiful landscape and vista is ruined by ugly beachside development, but that’s just my view. I can assure you, though, the views were stunning.

And then later in the night, Graeme and I went to Glen and Greig’s annual party, The Dulwich Hill Mostly Gay and Slightly Lesbian Mardi Gras, which was this year renamed the “New Dulwich Hill Mardi Gras”. Again, I saw and spoke with some people I haven’t seen in quite some time, including Ian from Wagga Wagga, who now lives in Bathurst. A good night and I woke up WITHOUT a hangover!

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my holidays and I have a lot planned.

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