Little Oxford Street

I wandered over to Victoria Street this morning for a coffee at the lovely little French patisserie there. On the way back I came across a street I’ve never been in before, Little Oxford Street. Well, not knowingly anyway, as it’s the kind of street you might pop into late at night for a quick pee with little care for the neighbours.

You know what I mean: it’s too far from home, you can’t be bothered going into a pub, no one’s looking, so you pop down a little side street and relieve yourself. Not that I would do such a thing myself, nor would I endorse such behaviour of course. Especially since there’s a little laneway near where I live which most days has a unique aroma to it that tells you most men see the world as their own personal urinal.

That said, it must be a real problem being so close to Oxford Street, not only for blokes relieving themselves, but for all manner of other unsavoury behaviour. Anyway, in the daytime it seems like a nice little street.