Happy Mardi Gras

I almost slept through Mardi Gras.

I’d been out for the afternoon and had come home for a brief lie-down.

It was 9.03 when I woke and decided instantly to get my skates on to head off to watch a bit of the parade.

As I walked towards Taylor Square I noticed how busy it all seemed. A factor of the good weather, I suspect. The crowd tends to fluctuate from year to year I’ve noticed, and it’s almost always a factor of the weather.

Anyway, there were people everywhere. Loads of them.

The crowd around Crown Street for Mardi Gras.

In the end, I couldn’t really find a good position to see anything except the very tops of some of the floats. The Raelians were there again, by the way. So I got a milkshake from the ice-cream van, stood next to a couple of police officers leaning against a wall, drank the shake and came home.

Boring eh?

I’ve enjoyed more than my fair share of Mardi Gras parades, and I’ve been in a few. But nowadays the crowds just kill me. It’s not that I’m social phobic or anything. I just feel a slight disconnect.

Otherwise, the day has been quite good.

Andrew and I had made plans to catch up, though he’s been crook in bed for a few days, and wasn’t feeling the best.

Minutes later, Damien came to the rescue of an otherwise boring day with a text message that he was coming into town and wondering if I’d like to catch up for lunch.

We met at Cruise Bar in the Overseas Passenger Terminal. It’s a great bar with terrific views of the Opera House.

A simple lunch, a bottle of wine, and good conversation followed.

We then wandered up into town trying to find a suitable spot for my eye test. Everywhere pretty much seemed booked out. So we gave up. Damien went home to Cronulla. I came home to Surry. And that’s when I had a brief extended lie down for a sleep.

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