Monday Night

When you see a restaurant that’s packed out on a Monday night, it either means there’s a buzz about it, or it’s simply bloody good. Both could be said about Xage.

Michaela and I went out for a meal there tonight, only vaguely aware of the restaurant’s details.

A friend had told her it was good, and even though we didn’t know what it was called or exactly where it was, we headed off there with high hopes.

Although the restaurant was full when we arrived, a brief stroll to The Dolphin to get some wine (it’s BYO), and even before we finished our beers as we waited for a call, and within a few minutes, we were back there and seated.

For the entree, we ordered rice paper rolls which were “packed full of great ingredients”.

And for mains, we had two large meals, with the pork being the stand-out dish, although both were very good.

Price? Under $50 for two.

We were both mightily impressed.

Pork and more at Xage
Pork and more at Xage

After dinner, we got chatting with the very friendly, warm staff. They’re currently only open at nights, though with plans to open for some lunch day sittings. “We’re planning to open for lunch for Mardi Gras weekend”, the woman who runs Xage told us.

There’s a real buzz about Xage at the moment. And deservedly so, as they’ve opened with a restaurant with great food, great service, and a great atmosphere.

“Seven thumbs?”, I suggested, echoing that line from The Simpsons where Homer becomes a food critic.

“Eight thumbs!”, Michaela said emphatically.

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