Blue Wok

I’ve often wondered about the name “Blue Wok”, the name of the Surry Hills restaurant on Crown Street, not far from Cleveland Street.

It was maybe two or three years ago now when our local cheap and cheerful “Thai Takeaway”, “Thai Tha Poh” was remodelled and re-named as “Blue Wok”. It was a significant time, as it marked the start of the transformation of “our end” of Crown Street as a restaurant district. The transformation is still underway and not a week passes where I don’t see further evidence of it, with new street furniture, and a new restaurant popping up (or closing) here and there.

The first time I noticed the name-change from “Thai Tha Poh” to “Blue Wok” I though instantly of “Blue Vok”. As much as you try to search for information on the internet now about “Blue Vok”, there’s not a lot information about the “Blue Vok” of my childhood. My mum used to have some “Blue Vok” on the alcohol shelf in her special cupboard along with “Creme De Menthe”, so I can only assume it was a type of alcohol in that sickly-sweet oeuvre inhabited by Midori. I’m not sure if mum used to have the occasional daytime tipple, though I certainly recall having the odd taste myself.

Despite the name change, there’s been a Thai takeaway in that location in Surry Hills for as long as I’ve lived here, which is now eighteen years. I came to Sydney thinking I’d be here for a couple of years before returning to the country or maybe Brisbane. How time flies.

And as long as I’ve been here, it’s been always good value with freshly made, tasty food. I popped in for dinner last night and once again enjoyed it very much. Some money bags, some satay, and some fish cakes. That was more than enough food for me for a Monday night. Yummy food at a good price, and with good customer service.

As I head off for my three month travel excursion, I know I’m really gonna miss my local Thai takeaway. My experiences with Asian food in Europe haven’t been good. Hopefully things may have improved somewhat this time, as Asian food is something I really love, and which forms a very significant part of my diet.

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