Stockholm Metro Art, Tunnelbana

I love how the Swedish subway is more than just advertising. As you’ll see elsewhere on the internet

The Stockholm subway system is said to be the world’s longest art exhibit – 110 kilometers long.Traveling by subway is like traveling through an exciting story that extends from the artistic pioneers of the 1950s to the art experiments of today. Over 90 of the 100 subway stations in Stockholm have been decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs by over 150 artists. The Kungsträdgården subway station looks like an archaeological excavation, with the remains of the old Stockholm Makalös palace. At Östermalmstorg the artist Siri Derkert highlights women’s rights and peace and environmental issues.

As well as that more “permanent art”, you can also see temporary exhibitions.

For example, I’m especially pleased “my local station”, Mariatorget, is currently exhibiting some terrific photographic/visual works by a Swedish artist, Helene Schmitz. With works from The Linneaus Project (another famous Swede), and The Carnivores, the metro is really brightened by these beautiful, and yet strange images of plants.

When you’re waiting for the tunnelbana, it’s great there’s something more to look at than just advertisements for mobile phone plans.

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  1. Are these photos for sale? I really like the one in the middle – the green stem with the starburst effect.

    1. Not sure. There’s a link to her site, so maybe check there. Currently having a coffee ahead of a food tour for the afternoon which should be fun. Xx

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