Sydney Contemporary

“Are there any photographers other than Trent Parke?”, I asked my friend Kate tonight. As noted, I have decided the best way to “tackle” Sydney Contemporary is to spend a day/night exploring a particular medium. And so tonight, I decided I’d “tackle” photography.

To be brutally honest, there wasn’t a lot which impressed me. Indeed, there wasn’t a lot of photography generally. I know photography can be a real issue for collectors – images fade – but it’s an important, and really amazing area of contemporary art, and so I was disappointed there wasn’t more.

Don’t get me wrong. I really liked the photography I saw, and here are my favourite works, about which I feel passionate about. I just wished there wasn’t more.

Troy Emery, Woof-Woof
Paul Dibble, Rabbit Fights Back
Guan Wei
Caroline Rothwell, Weather Maker
Tim Storier, The Histrionic Wayfarer
Alex Seton, Someone Else’s Problem

And so I started looking at video art, and there wasn’t a huge amount of that either. Yikes.

Not really me sitting on the toilet, this was an “interactive” installation or just a good “photo op”.

Tomorrow, I’m guessing I’ll look toward paintings and drawings, and I’m hoping there’ll be more to inspire.

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