Surry Hills Friday Night

“You must definitely have the octopus”, I told my next door neighbours who were seated a few tables away from us at the new Greek restaurant which opened this week in our part of Crown Street, Surry Hills. Like me, they had a curiosity about the what was on offer from the Ouzo Taverna.

The serve was large, tasty, and we even toyed with the idea of ordering a second helping. We also tried a salad (a little disappointing), some lamb (very good), and some vegetable-based fritters (good). Though we toyed with the idea of having a desert, we lost interest as the service later in the evening was a little slow.

Instead, we wandered a few doors up the road, and had coffee and cake at Kürtősh, a cafe with a Hungarian name, though you would never really say it was a “Hungarian Cafe”. Very yummy, and a terrific way for a Friday night catch up with a good friend who I’ve known for many, many years.

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