NAS Post Graduate Exhibition 2016

“After four years at art school, and that’s the best they can do? It’s outrageous”, my friend said tonight as we commented on one of the works on display at the National Art School’s annual exhibition in Sydney. My other friend was a little more comfortable with the work. “I think it’s possibly one of the best works here”, she said. I was a little more sanguine about it all. I just thought it was slightly funny. We were all talking about the work “Focal Point” which consisted of just a couple of dots on an empty white wall.

Burton Street by Alex Karaconji

Though we talked about this work. We were all much more impressed by the work “Burton Street” which consisted of a series of drawings, and a video. “It was only $700 for a terrific work”, we all noticed, and we all commented to other people we chatted to tonight. A lovely work, demonstrating really great craft skills, we all agreed.

Pamela Leung in Post Graduate Exhibition 2016 at National Art School, Sydney

I also really liked the work which consisted of a video and hundreds and hundreds of crushed egg shells. One of my friends knew the artist, Pamela Leung. “It took her two years to collect the eggs”, I learned. It’s a lovely, joyous work, and worth checking out.

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