Back Alley Gallery

There is a beautiful piece of public art in Lismore which I adore. The work features a young Indigenous boy, with a broad smile, and a curious look in his eyes.

It’s part of the Back Alley Gallery which, as the name implies, features public art in the back laneways of the city.

A couple of weeks ago I published a short video taken in one part of the gallery. Unfortunately, though some of the gallery was closed off to the public. Today, however, there was a chance to walk down the closed off streets and record another video.

So here they are.. the two videos in order. A hint: the second video shot a few minutes ago is the more interesting one in my opinion.

Back Alley Gallery (Part One)
Back Alley Gallery (Part Two)

5 Replies to “Back Alley Gallery”

  1. Thanks for the tour James. I love it. Those firey cats(?) eyes glaring out at the end of the first video are good too. Seems to me that parts of the laneways could be tidied up and cafés established. I’m sure someone must have thought of that? A great tourist drawcard post pandemic. Perhaps though gentrification does not sit well with street art. Hope you are going well in lockdown.

  2. Yes, Lockdown 7.0 for regional Victoria. It’s frustrating and quite taxing, but has to be done. We only had two hours notice yesterday. I’m glad I’ve had my two doses of AZ.

    1. Same vaccination for me. It’s only been a couple of weeks here, and last year in Sydney was relatively “light”. I don’t know how you coped in Victoria.

  3. It seemed easier in Victoria last year. There was the fear factor that came into play. Now it is the frustration factor, and we are rather cross with your Premier, along with our PM for not having more quarantine facilities like Howard Springs.

    I enjoyed some of the the laneway tour video.

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